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Noah N. Bershatsky reviewed Karate Edge
via Facebook

My whole family trains there - it's fun, I'm in great shape, have lost 14 lbs, and feel great! Positive atmosphere and very motivating.

Jennifer Lovell reviewed Karate Edge
via Facebook

There are so many helpful staff and instructors. It is a very welcoming school with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Love the open workout times.

Katie Ehnat reviewed Karate Edge
via Facebook

Best place ever. Always greeted with a smile and always encouraged. Would recommend for kids and adults!! Love it!!

Anita Baillie reviewed Karate Edge
via Facebook

This karate school has it all: great classes for the entire family or just for yourself, a fun work hard yet laid back approach, and the most caring and amazing instructors around! Plus, the most fun kick butt kickboxing classes around!

Elina Kostine reviewed Karate Edge
via Facebook

Love this place! All instructors are very passionate and friendly, approachable and respectful to students. Moving up is based on skill and kids work hard to earn their next belt stripe and belt. My son felt welcome from day one because the atmosphere here is so family like. I have seen the kids help each other as well. Recommended to all! You can learn great martial art skills in a fun and friendly environment.

Corine Rigby reviewed Karate Edge
via Facebook

This place is amazing! It is the first time my son has participated in a structured activity without any fear or hesitation. The instructors make everyone feel welcome and a part of the group. They are great with kids and give them a huge self esteem boost! We love Karate Edge.

Teresa Bidewell reviewed Karate Edge
via Facebook

My 7 year old twin grandkids just earned their yellow belts on Saturday. They absolutely love going here. They learn in such a positive way. Karate Edge is the best! From the Sensei to all of the instructors I give you kudos! You are all awesome!

Bekah Lawson reviewed Karate Edge
via Facebook

Absolutely love this place! They are amazing with kids and treat everyone as if you a part of their family!

Meghan Parker reviewed Karate Edge
via Facebook

My best friend loves this school and she invited me to a class and I loved it! The first class I was doing the same thing as everyone else and I was paired with a black belt who was able to teach me the exact way I needed so I could at least keep up!
It was an awesome experience and as soon as my two kiddos are old enough they'll be taking a couple classes a week here =) #bestkarateschool

Dana Lubovich reviewed Karate Edge
via Facebook

My daughter begged us for a karate birthday party and I'm so glad we chose Karate Edge! From our initial planning meeting, to the set-up of the room (Jen did a beautiful job!!), to all of the drills, skills & games during the party...we couldn't have asked for more! All of the instructors were so, so great! They kept the kids moving and laughing with the games, while still managing to teach some karate skills and principles at the same time. We will definitely be looking into classes, and I won't be at all surprised if my daughter asks for a karate party again next year. Thank you, Karate Edge!

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Our latest news & thoughts

Karate Edge – January News & Updates!

KE Family,

Exciting news!

Karate Edge will once again be allowed to open our doors for limited in-person classes.

While the guidelines are very restrictive at this time, we are ready to ramp up again and make changes as soon as we are allowed.

We apologize in advance, the following is a long message, we have a lot of information to give out!


First, a quick note from Tony & Alicia:

Welcoming in 2021, we have found ourselves reflecting on the past year. While it is certainly not what any business owner wants to have to go through, we find ourselves immensely grateful and appreciative of all of our KE tribe that has stuck with us through this storm.

While training has certainly been different and difficult for our students and Instructors (and families), we have seen true resilience and perseverance from our members that have pushed through the limitations, restrictions and changes both in their lives as well as in their Karate training.

Watching the amazing growth in our students, emotionally – physically – and mentally, we have seen our tribe overcome many hurdles, to push past the quit, the apathy, and the distractions to continue their training, continue testing, private lessons and more.

It is truly inspiring for us and our Instructors to be witness to the true Martial Spirit we have seen.

Our team is committed to continuing to bring the same loyalty and commitment back to our students in 2021. With the continued support of our tribe we believe we can overcome any odds and continue our life’s mission of sharing our love and passion of the Martial Arts with our community.

We humbly ask:

During these long winter months ahead, many people will be trying to find some sense of normality in life, many will still be struggling, and some lives haven’t been affected beyond inconvenience.

Whatever your current circumstance… We ask that you please remember that there are many small businesses out there that our horribly struggling, have been closed for much of 2020, have been restricted in what they can do or offer, and are truly doing everything they can to survive. Many are past their limits. Many are shutting their doors forever.  

Please show compassion.

Please show patience.

Please show kindness and forgiveness to those struggling businesses.

Their individual business may not mean much to you, but having you support their business is everything to them.

For our business/Dojo/home-away-from-home, times have been difficult.

We are not perfect but we will continue to strive to give our best and to pivot and adapt as we are given new restrictions and guidelines.

As we gratefully re-open, please consider referring Karate Edge to your friends and families who could benefit from our programs. Help Karate Edge continue to impact the lives of our community in positive and meaningful ways.

To all of our KE Tribe, Thank you.

With Grateful Hearts,

Shihan Tony & Sensei Alicia


Here is what you can expect for classes starting January 11 (Monday).

  • For our reopening week, everyone will be allowed One (1) in-person class per week. (This will change the moment we get further guidance and can adapt to the student count)
  • For now, to make it fair for everyone, we will be posting the class reservations on the Karate Edge App at 6pm every Saturday evening.

We are only allowing signups for one week in advance currently. We will update you if this changes.

If you need help using our App please message us on Facebook and we can send you instructions.

We would suggest getting the App setup and ready in advance.

  • Zoom classes will continue as scheduled. All Live-classes will correspond with the Zoom classes. For now, our schedule will remain the same as it has been in the previous weeks.
  • As always, everyone will be allowed unlimited Zoom classes for the week.
  • Current/Active Black Belt Club members will be allowed Two (2) in-person classes per week as well as unlimited Zoom classes and their monthly private lesson.
  • New Belt Curriculum requirements have been updated on the APP for 2021, please make sure to update any personal copies you may have printed out. There are lots of changes to belt requirements for Extreme and Adults.
  • Masks are Required at all times, waiting outside and both on/off the floor (face shields /gaiters are acceptable). Please don’t argue this with us, it is not our requirement, but a State requirement that will allow us the ability to reopen.
  • We will continue to offer Private Zoom Lessons for those students that are struggling or need a little extra help, as we have availability.
  • Attending live in-person classes will be similar to our setup last fall. If you have a fever, cough, or feel ill please stay home. Follow state covid guidelines and return to in-person classes when you are healthy.
  • Please show up about 5 minutes early to your class.

Wait on one of the socially distanced floor marks (X’s) outside the dojo. When your class is ready to start an Instructor will come outside to bring you in for your reserved class.

  • Steps for Entry:
  1. Make sure your mask/face shield is on and secured.
  2. Everyone must be temperature checked and sanitize their hands upon entry. Your instructor will have sanitizer available at the door before you enter.
  3. Once you have sanitized your hands, go directly to a cubby and place your shoes/coat in an available space. (Please try to limit what you bring into the dojo as we have very limited time).
  4. After placing your belongings in a cubby please proceed to an X on the floor and wait for your Instructor to start your class.
  • While in class, please make sure to maintain 6 foot distance from others at all times.
  • Bathrooms are for emergency use only. Also, please make sure to have your uniform on and ready for your class before entry into the Dojo.
  • Our drinking fountains are still off limits, if needed please bring a seal-able bottle for your drink. You may keep your drink in your cubby.
  • Steps for Exiting your class:
  1. Once you bow out from your class, please wait on your designated X until your Instructor calls your name to exit.
  2. Once you have been excused, please walk along the side of the Mat, maintaining distancing from others and proceed to your cubby. Please quickly put your shoes/coat on and make sure you have taken all items from your cubby.
  3. Once all items have been secured, please proceed to the exit.
  • Parents, we ask that you are ready to receive your child at the door at the time class ends. Please, please, please don’t have them run across the lane of traffic to the parking lot by themselves, as occasionally we have inattentive drivers passing through.
  • Once again, at this time, parents are not allowed in the building as we are limited on people in our facility. However, we encourage you to watch from the windows or be ready at the door as your child’s class is ending.
  • Please let us know if you have any questions! Give us a call at (253) 201-3343 or email us at [email protected]


Current Schedule:

Reminder: Students do not need to make a class reservation for zoom classes in advance & they may participate in unlimited classes for their specific class. However, In-Person classes do REQUIRE advance reservations.

Early Skillz Class (Age 3-4)

Class Times:

3:00-3:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Basic Skillz Class (Age 5-6)

Class Times:

3:45-4:15pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

9:00-9:30am Saturday

Core Skillz Class (Age 7-9)

Class Times:

▪4:30-5:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

▪5:15-5:45pm Wednesday

▪9:45-10:15am Saturday

Extreme Skillz Class (Age 10-14)

Class Times:

*White Belt to Brown-1 Belt only (current belt)

5:15-6:00pm Monday, Friday

*Brown-2 Belt – Elite Belts only

6:15-7:00pm Monday, Friday

**Classes Open to All Extreme Belt levels

5:15-6:00pm Tuesday, Thursday

▪6:00-6:45pm Wednesday

▪10:30-11:15am Saturday

Kickboxing Edge

Class Times:

▪6:15-7:00pm Tuesday, Thursday

▪8:00-8:45am Saturday

Adult Class

Class Times:

7:15-8:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

11:30am-12:30pm Saturday

Ninja Class (15+)

Class Times:

8:15-8:45pm Tuesday, Thursday


Other Updates:

Our new Belt Testing cycle started Monday, January 4th.

As a reminder, our belt cycles are 3 months long and cover all 8 stripes in the first 4 weeks.

  • Weeks 1-4 = Covering their new belt testing material.
  • Weeks 5-8 = 2nd time covering the belt testing material, at this time those students that are ready may start testing for their new stripes in the class it is covered.
  • Weeks 9 and up = Review weeks and testing for stripes for everyone.

As of right now our next testing date is not set, please plan for the end of March / beginning of April as we monitor state restrictions and changes.

If your child misses a class, please make sure they make it up so that they do not miss out on the material needed for that stripe. This will help prevent the dreaded ‘I never learned that’ excuse.

Some tips for the new belt cycle!

  • Print out a Belt Coloring Sheet (available on the App, in our Karate Edge Family group on Facebook and also attached to this email).
  • Fill in you or your child’s name and what their current belt level is (you can even color the belt to match!)
  • Keep it out where it can be seen/found easily.
  • One quick/fun tip: Buy a document frame at the dollar store, take out the glass. Insert the page into the frame and hang it on the wall with a thumbtack in an area that the student works out in. Keep a small box of crayons or markers nearby. This is great for motivation and to keep track of where they are at in their journey.
  • Your goal is to earn all 8 stripes in order to attend the test and earn their new belt at the end of the cycle.
  • As the Instructor passes them off for a stripe, color in the corresponding stripe when they have earned it. (Please ask the instructor for clarification to make sure they earned their stripe).
  • As with previous testing cycles, if you or your child is ready to test and didn’t test during their class. Please feel free to send a video of them completing their stripe requirement. For Kids classes please send via Facebook message to Karate Edge Facebook page or email us at [email protected] . For Adult classes, please send your videos to the Sensei overseeing your testing (if not sure, message the school for clarification).

That’s it for the moment! *Phew!* We hope that everyone is as excited as we are to be getting back onto the Dojo training floor with familiar faces! Let’s make 2021 an amazing year together!


Shihan Tony, Sensei Alicia and the Amazing Staff at Karate Edge

Click here for the Belt Stripe Coloring Sheet