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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Noah N. Bershatsky reviewed Karate Edge
via Facebook

My whole family trains there - it's fun, I'm in great shape, have lost 14 lbs, and feel great! Positive atmosphere and very motivating.

Jennifer Lovell reviewed Karate Edge
via Facebook

There are so many helpful staff and instructors. It is a very welcoming school with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Love the open workout times.

Katie Ehnat reviewed Karate Edge
via Facebook

Best place ever. Always greeted with a smile and always encouraged. Would recommend for kids and adults!! Love it!!

Anita Baillie reviewed Karate Edge
via Facebook

This karate school has it all: great classes for the entire family or just for yourself, a fun work hard yet laid back approach, and the most caring and amazing instructors around! Plus, the most fun kick butt kickboxing classes around!

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Tired of the Same Old Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas?

Try Something New This Year with a Martial Arts-Themed Birthday Party in a Real Martial Arts School!

Kids’ birthday parties need to be fun, active, and interesting. Our martial arts-themed parties give your child a cool way to celebrate getting older with their friends and family members.


Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Are you struggling to come up with

something new and fun for your child’s birthday party?

You’re tired of the same old ideas and you want to do more than hit the party store to buy themed napkins.

You’re busy with work and other obligations and you don’t have the time to spend hours planning an elaborate party.

You want a party atmosphere that’s fun and safe for kids – and where you have some help supervising them.

Planning your child’s birthday party can feel more like work than fun


You have to assemble a guest list, buy decorations and a cake, plan activities, accommodate adult guests, and deal with a house full of over-excited kids.

Instead of taking everything on your shoulders, it’s time to try something different this time. Provide your child with the kind of birthday party that they’ll remember for years to come – and that their friends will remember, too.

The perfect solution for busy parents

Martial arts-themed birthday parties are the perfect solution for busy parents. We’ll do most of the planning for you, and provide you with a safe, fun environment where your kids and their friends can learn some basic martial arts moves and experience the thrill of being in a real martial arts school.

Kids have an outlet for their birthday energy

Rain or shine, your child’s birthday party in our martial arts school will provide them with a healthy way to burn off excess energy and deal with the excitement of the day.

Let us do the heavy lifting

You’ll have to decide who to invite and do a few other things, but we’ll handle the bulk of the planning. You can show up knowing that your child will have plenty to do!

Leave the set-up and clean-up to us

Setting up for (and cleaning up after) a kids’ birthday party can eat up your entire day. When you let us host your party, you can leave all of that to us – so you can relax and enjoy your child’s special day.

Education and fun wrapped into one

Martial arts-themed birthday parties are great fun whether your child has studied martial arts before or not. We’ll provide some basic instruction and fun activities – and your child and their friends will learn something new while having a blast.

My daughter begged us for a karate birthday party and I'm so glad we chose Karate Edge! From our initial planning meeting, to the set-up of the room (Jen did a beautiful job!!), to all of the drills, skills & games during the party...we couldn't have asked for more! All of the instructors were so, so great! They kept the kids moving and laughing with the games, while still managing to teach some karate skills and principles at the same time. We will definitely be looking into classes, and I won't be at all surprised if my daughter asks for a karate party again next year. Thank you, Karate Edge!

Dana Lubovich

Absolutely love this place! They are amazing with kids and treat everyone as if you a part of their family!

Bekah Lawson

My best friend loves this school and she invited me to a class and I loved it! The first class I was doing the same thing as everyone else and I was paired with a black belt who was able to teach me the exact way I needed so I could at least keep up!
It was an awesome experience and as soon as my two kiddos are old enough they'll be taking a couple classes a week here =) #bestkarateschool

Meghan Parker

My 7 year old twin grandkids just earned their yellow belts on Saturday. They absolutely love going here. They learn in such a positive way. Karate Edge is the best! From the Sensei to all of the instructors I give you kudos! You are all awesome!

Teresa Bidewell

Love this place! All instructors are very passionate and friendly, approachable and respectful to students. Moving up is based on skill and kids work hard to earn their next belt stripe and belt. My son felt welcome from day one because the atmosphere here is so family like. I have seen the kids help each other as well. Recommended to all! You can learn great martial art skills in a fun and friendly environment.

Elina Kostine

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How much of the planning will I have to do?

We can’t decide who to invite, and there are a few other details that you’ll need to be involved in, but we’ll take care of planning activities, providing supervision and instruction, and handling the set-up and clean-up for the party.

Who will be supervising the party? I don’t want my child’s friends’ parents to be worried.

Experienced martial arts instructors will be on hand to make sure that kids learn in a safe and carefully supervised environment.

My child loves martial arts but I’m not sure about their friends. Will they have fun, too?

Of course! Even kids who have never studied martial arts can find something to love at our parties. They might discover that they have a real gift for kicking and punching (in a controlled environment.)

I don’t want my child to learn that violence is acceptable. Won’t giving them a martial arts party make them think it’s okay to be aggressive?

Not at all. Martial arts instruction teaches that students must respect instructors, one another, and themselves. We never encourage aggression in or out of our martial arts school.

I’m worried that my child will be bored. Is the whole party like a martial arts class?

No. Basic martial arts instruction is part of the fun, but we also provide kids with fun activities and games during the party. Nobody will be bored.

What if my child decides they want to take martial arts classes after the party?

We’d be thrilled to have your child as a student. We can provide you with information about age-appropriate classes to take home and review at the end of the party – and the same goes for your child’s friends’ parents, too.



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